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How to write a scientific article? [Publish your article]

Date & time :

10 July 2021

11.00  AM Indian Standard TIme (IST) 


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  • Medical or Non Medical Students
  • Graduate students
  • Post Graduate students
  • Research Scholar
Key Features
  • 3-Levels Webinars with free certificates
  • 4 Editor-In-Chiefs from International Journals of CELS
  • 10+ editors from different subjects for discussion on peer-review process.
  • 2 hours of learning 
  • Live Publishing
  • Develop Writing Skills and gain confidence in writing the article at early stages
  • Understand the Editorial Process and what the editors are looking for
  • Publish your article in International journals of Center of Excellence in Life Sciences

About this webinar:

If you have ever struggled with organizing or writing about your research, then this webinar is for you!

Get ready for learn the publishing process live and get a chance to meet the editorial board!!! 

  • This webinar will take you from the opening lines of your paper all the way to the problem statement, showing you how to construct an Introduction section that will clarify your paper’s objectives and set the foundation for the sections that follow.
  • There will be live publishing of your article and will  show you how the publishing cycle works for the journal. Your article will be published in front of you by following each step of publishing work flow.
  • You will have advantage of having discussion with our editor-in chiefs and editors on the article correctios. Live peer-reviewing of the article.

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What You’ll learn in this webinar:

There are so many elements to take into consideration when writing and preparing an article. A well-written manuscript free of language and spelling issues can make a world of difference and help you communicate your ideas and research effectively.

Mr Puneet Mehrotra and Yashila Girdhar, Managing Director and Commissioning Editor in Center of Excellence in Life Sciences, as They will share with you the three principles of good science writing: clarity, accuracy, and concision. They will also assist you to submit and register the article in international journals of life sciences. 

The introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusions, title and abstract, and references sections of your manuscript

Addressing up authorship

Ethical Issues related to plagiarized content 

Live Publishing of Research articles

Types of Reference formats and its importance

Peer- Review journals and Reviews of Editorial Board

Meet The Webinar Hosts

Meet the webinar hosts who will introduce you about how to write an structured scientific research and review article. They will also give an assistance in submission of article and registration in International journals of life sciences and biotechnology.

Mr Puneet Mehrotra

Managing Director

Yashila Girdhar

Commissioning Editor

Share your work and Publish your article in International Journals

We invite you to share your research with us and get a chance to publish your article in International Journals of Center of Excellence in Life Sciences.