Level-I (For Students)
Moumita Dasgupta

Human Beta III Tubulin: The Mystery and the Critical Revision
Debashish Hota, Rajneesh Sahoo, Shraddha Dahat, L. Devarishi Sharma

Rhizosphere hybridization: A better alternative of exploiting citrus microbiome
Amandeep Kaur

Mycobacterium tuberculosis: cell biology, pathogenesis and role of immune cells, drug resistance mechanism and diagnostic methods

Best Paper Awards

V. G. Baldaniya, S. K. Jadav
Synthesis of Brassinosteroid with Signaling and Response to
Abiotic stress: Review
Ankur Tanwar
Case Study: A Patient With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes and carbuncle in Thigh Whose Diabetes Is Managed by Ayurvedic Intervention
Prasad Balaso Chandgude
Fruit and vegetable byproducts as a tool for value addition to dairy products
Takhellambam Julia, Th. Renuka
Gamma ray induced polygenic variability studies in M 1 and M 2 generations of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern and Coss)
Sanjukta Badhei & Dr. Amit Kumar Dutta
A Comparative Study on Isolation & Distribution of Candida species with special reference to the Risk factors associated with Candidiasis
Level-II (For Faculty)
Safia Habib, Asif Ali

Paradigm shift of hair dye use from natural to synthetic: A concern for carcinogenic trigger.
L. Devarishi Sharma, Rahul Sadhukhan, Debashish Hota

Neutralizing Climate Change Through Fruit Crops 
Megha Karore, Nitin Kurkure

Avian pathogenic E. coli alters the transcriptome profile of the liver in broiler chicks

Best Paper Awards

Nitish Kumar, Divya Sharma, Dr. Parul Chuwdhury
Effect of seed priming with extract of Cissus quadrangularis Wheat and Mung seedlings under different salt concentrations
Rishabh Kansal
Communication between gut microbes and brain 
Puthem Victoria Devi
Reverse breeding- a new method for crop improvement
Level-III (Professional)
Chandra Prasad B. &  Venkata Naidu G.

Dynamics of Progesterone Concentration and Fertility Response in Postpartum True Anestrus Buffaloes during Breeding and Low Breeding