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Clarification of papaya fruit juice by Multienzyme system using response surface methodology (RSM)
Manoj Lawande, Sachin Bhakare
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Effect of Processing On Bioavailability of Macronutrients and Minerals in Complementary Food Formulated From Cereals and Supplemented With Legumes
Gogonte Hezekiah Amah, Boluwatife Florence Sode, Babafemi Tosin Ogunbiyi, Oluwaseyi Adegoke Adetunji, Odutola Osilesi
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Proportion Tests Applied in Assessors’ Selection Under Assumption Break: The Cases of Sensory Fatigue and Learning Process
Iasmine Queiroga de Paula, Eric Batista Ferreira
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Bacteriocin Production and Characterization Obtained from Lactobacillus sakei
Camila Ramão Contessa, Nathieli Bastos Souza, Guilherme Battú Gonçalo, Luciano Santos Almeida, Fernando Zocche, Caroline Costa Moraes
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Nutraceutical potential of Oyster
Neelesh Kumar Maurya
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