Table of Contents

Ringworm Infection in Unani Perspective: A Literary Review
Aamir Niyaz, Rehan Safee, Farha Rizwan
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Dry Cough (Su‘āl Yābis): Causes and Management
Abul Faiz, Ashhar Qadeer
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A Clinical Study of the Effect of Ritu on Rakta Dhatu on the Basis of Various Haematological Parameters
Gyanendra Kumar Gupta, Gagan Devi
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A comprehensive review of the Eczema
Ansari Aafaque, Jalis Farooque, Farha Rizwan Sikalgar, Rehan Safee
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Unani Management of Kasrate Tams (Menorrhagia): A Literary Review
Mahevish Liyaqat Shaikh, Mohd Furqan Patel, Rafi Ahmed Chaudhry, Asma Rafi Ahmed Chaudhry
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