Institutional membership

Institutional Membership is open to universities and colleges, institutes and research centers that are engaged in providing services in the field of Life Science.

Benefits of CELS Institutional Membership

  • Networking opportunities with National as well as Global experts
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Learning & Professional Development
  • Broaden your understanding of the built environment
  • Opportunity to collaborate for organizing technical conferences, seminars/symposia/workshops etc.
  • Discounts on CELS products (journals, books, workshops and conferences)
  • Discount on registration at various events of CELS
  • Promotion of the Institution by listing its name on the CELS website
  • Provide the platform to promote and market institutional events to the global audience at the CELS website

Annual Membership Fees

S. NoMembership TypeAnnual Fees (Yearly)
1.Diamond15,000+18% GST
2.Gold12, 000+18% GST
3.Silver10,000+18% GST

Diamond Membership: 15% discounts in Journals, books and conferences (for 5 members)

Gold Membership: 12% discounts in Journals, books

Silver Membership: 10% discounts in Journals

Membership Fee Payment Options

  • Demand Draft/ Cheque- A demand draft /at par cheque , issued in favour of “Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd.” payable at “Delhi/New Delhi”
  • E-Transfer- You may transfer the amount through NEFT, in favour of “Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd.”, account No: 03942000001328, at HDFC bank, Sector 62, Noida IFSC: HDFC 0000 394
  • Cash Transfer- Visit your nearest HDFC bank and deposit the cash amount in the HDFC account in favour of “Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd.” Account No: 03942000001328, at HDFC bank, Sector 62, Noida

For questions about membership, please contact the CELS membership administrator at [email protected]

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