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Recent years have seen a surge in research on biomaterials, driven by

Biomaterials are materials that are specifically designed to interact with biological systems,

Industrial Biotechnology is an exciting field that applies biotechnology to the production

Introduction: Molecular biotechnology is a branch of biotechnology that uses molecular biology

Study of benefits and drawbacks of teaBangshidhar Goswami, Rekha Tiwary, S. Bahadur,

Table of Contents Research Articles Study of benefits and drawbacks of teaBangshidhar

Table of Contents Lithostratigraphy of Lava Flows at Waghjai Hill, Kolhapur District,

Table of Contents Use of Open Education Resources: An OverviewKaushik D. Rao,

Table of Contents Semiconductor Physics and Micron-Scale Fluid Mechanics towards the Microelectromechanical

Table of Contents Continuity and Limit Value of FunctionsDragan Obradovic, Lakshmi Narayan

Table of Contents Concept of Rasaja Bhava in Garbhavastha and its Applied

Table of Contents A comprehensive clinical study with ajamodakataila matrabasti in the