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Special issues are usually centered on a hot topic in the scientific community, but they can also cover a conference, scientific meeting, or symposium. They may also commemorate significant events such as a journal's tenth, twenty-fifth, fifty-fifth, or hundredth anniversary, or the death of a famous figure in the field. Special issues are a powerful tool for generating interest in your field of study and expanding your audience.


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Our editorial team will assist you in finding the right journal within a prospective subject area.

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Being a guest editor of a special issue yields multiple benefits

  • Expand your network by engaging with experts in the field
  • Connect to your community more closely
  • Keep up to date with developments in the field
  • Increase your own influence
  • Be recognized by the promotion evaluation committee
  • Elevate the progress of your community

Your role and responsibilities as a guest editor

  • Identify and invite authors to contribute to the special issue
  • Set deadlines to ensure timely submissions and publication
  • Manage peer review of the papers within the submission system, if required
  • Write an editorial to summarize the special issue and provide running order of articles
  • Identify a cover image (if requested) when the special issue is completed
  • Help with marketing activities for the special issue, if possible