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August 2020 Conferences and Webinars

E-Conference on Importance of Computational Biology in Dairy and Veterinary Industry 

24- August-2020

This conference presents excellent, novel and contemporary papers covering all aspects of Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Dairy Sciences, and Veterinary Sciences. The aim this event is to discuss the use of tools and techniques like SNIP, MDMR, CRISP, CAFET, BLAST, Clustal W, PPI Networks, BLAST etc to improve the quality and quantity of milk production and animal health. The resultant data would prove to be beneficial for farmers, dairy owners and Veterinary owners. The key point of this virtual conferences is interactive discussion between the participants and the speakers. This interaction will be fruitful for pioneer researchers, students and scholars. This conference and its constituents support the development of technologies and applications for peaceful purposes to improve the Dairy and Veterinary Industry. 

Email Organizer: yashila@stmjournals.com, kanchan@celnet.in

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Registration Deadline: August 20,2020

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